About Eagles Rock Feed Mill

Eagles Rock Feed Mill forms part of the Kuipers Group and was built as part of the group’s expansion in 2006. The mill services integrated customers as well as independent producers. The mill’s focus is mainly on monogastric animals, including broilers, breeders, commercial layers and pigs. The facility is equipped to produce feed in bulk as well as 50kg and 1ton bags.

Ingredients used in our feeds are in accordance with legislation, and procured from reputable sources to ensure good quality. Innovative buying strategies and opportunities are followed to ensure competitive prices in the market.

High quality products are produced with the customer’s requirement in mind. A dedicated team of technical personnel is always looking at ways to improve products and customer performance. NIR technology is utilised to ensure that the basic quality standards of every delivery is met. Routine analysis is performed by a selection of accredited independent laboratories on multiple other quality measures.