Broiler Feeds

Broiler production has seen dramatic changes in the past decade or two, due to the breeding companies being able to select and drastically improve the growth rate of the animals. To keep up with these changes, stakeholders across multiple disciplines has to continuously look at ways to keep up with the bird’s changing demands. Everything from environmental management to vaccination and nutrient supply has to be optimal to ensure profitable production.

At Eagles Rock Feed Mill, different diet ranges were developed to meet the needs of different farming operations and management systems. As feed accounts for around 70% of the input cost, bird performance in conjunction with profitability, is of the utmost importance.

Eagles Rock Broiler feeds are produced in Crumble and Pelleted form. The facility has the capacity to add oil post pelleting, which is mainly applied to high-density diets. This enables the factory to produce these diets without compromising on pellet quality.

Maxyield Range

This range is formulated for small farmers with performance and cost efficiency in mind. The Maintenance diet is aimed for farmers in the live market, where the birds reached target weight.

Registration Period (Days) Feed Intake
Maxyield Starter V19605 0 - 17 800g/bird
Maxyield Grower V19606 18 - 29 1400g/bird
Maxyield Finisher V19607 30 - 34 800g/bird
Broiler Maintenance V 22180 34+

Superyield Range

This range is formulated for production systems with average environmental conditions. The density of this range is lower than that of the Superyield-C range and a feed conversion difference of four points can typically be expected.

Registration Period (Days) Feed Intake
Superyield Pre-Starter V22170 0 - 9 250g/bird
Superyield Starter V22171 10 - 17 500g/bird
Superyield Grower V31192 18 - 25 1000g/bird
Superyield Finisher V22173 26 - 29 700g/bird
Superyield Post Finisher V22246 30 - 33 450g/bird

Maxyield Range

This range has the highest nutrient density and should be used in good environmental and management conditions.

Registration Period (Days) Feed Intake
Maxyield Pre-Starter V 22181 0 - 9 250g/bird
Maxyield Starter V 22182 10 - 17 500g/bird
Maxyield Grower V 22183 18 - 25 1000g/bird
Maxyield Finisher V 22185 26 - 29 700g/bird
Maxyield Post Finisher V 22247 30 - 33 450g/bird